NAPERVILLE: 2019 Corporate Lane Suite 103, Naperville, IL 60563 (630)-364-2345 Open: Mon.-Fri. 3pm-10pm Sat.& Sun. 9am-9pm
WOODRIDGE: 8202 Lemont Road Woodridge, IL 60517 (331) 903-3049 Open: Mon.-Fri. 10am-10pm Sat.& Sun. 9am-9pm
Adult Training Classes and Adult League are now available: Call or Email for details.
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    *Please call to schedule in advance

    Personal Training 1 on 1:  $70 / hr with any of our coaches

    Group of Two:       $35/ person   – One hour section

    Group of Three:     $30 / person  – One hour section

    Group of Four:      $30 / person   – One hour section

    Group of Five:       $25  / person   – One hour section

    Why Do We Train?

    Badminton Provide Great Benefit for Everyone:-It improves coordination, flexibility and balance-Develops spatial perception and visual acuteness

    -Improves endurance, fights against obesity, stress or anxiety

    -Reduce heart attacks

    -Meet New Friends

    The Training is designed to help enhance your children’s:

    Mental Toughness / Speed / Endurance / Movement / Hand-Eye Coordination / Communication and Visual Reaction

    We teach:

    -Grip the racquet

    -Footwork for singles and doubles

    -Basic Shots like Clear, Drop, Drive, and Smash

    - How to serve and how to return the serve

    -Back, Mid, and Forecourt skills

    -Strategies for singles and doubles

    -Proper warm-up to play

    -Physical conditioning

    - Theory of Badminton

    -and more….